Robotic wars: 100 years on, or not it is time to reboot Karel Čapek’s RUR

The play Rossum’s Stylish Robots clearly belongs to the 1920s but its satirical have interaction on the meeting of humans and machines is all too associated on the present time

Not many plays introduce a peculiar notice to the language. One that did was Karel Čapek’s RUR: Rossum’s Stylish Robots that had its premiere in Prague 100 years previously this month. Every time we declare the notice “robot” to indicate a humanoid machine, it derives from Čapek’s play, which coined the time duration from the Czech “robota” which formulation compelled labour. Nonetheless a play that was vastly standard in its time – its Broadway premiere in 1922 had a solid that included Spencer Tracy and Pat O’Brien as robots – has now fallen into neglect. Given our fascination with synthetic intelligence, it’s high time we gave it one other sight.

Nonetheless what more or less play is it exactly? A dystopian drama attacking science and skills? As much as a pair extent, then all all over again it’s indispensable larger than that. It starts practically as a Shavian comedy with a enact-gooding visitor, Woman Helen Glory, turning up on an island where robots are manufactured out of synthetic subject. She is amazed to look that a plausibly human secretary is a machine and is equally astonished when the factory’s administrators was flesh and blood creatures in want to robots. With time, the play gets darker because the robots point to to be stronger and more wise than their creators and in the wreck wipe out practically all humankind. Handiest a single engineer survives who, a speed improbably, reveals two robots transformed by treasure.

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