RHOSLC’s Meredith and Seth Are Attend Together After Separation: What We Know

Is the Right Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis franchise already heading for its first divorce? All over the second episode of the first season, Meredith Marks and her husband, Seth Marks, printed they’d secretly separated sooner than filming started.

“Seth and I even had been together for a extremely very lengthy time,” she instructed the Bravo cameras. “We met when we had been 23, received married at 24 and had a infant at 25. It became as soon as correct a tornado that came by and that became as soon as it. I became as soon as younger nonetheless head-over-heels in treasure, so I went for it.”

All over an awkward dinner on the November 18 episode, Seth asked his wife if he’s instructed her company that they are “separated.”

She replied, “It’s now not savor I’m working around speaking about this to every person. I opt they don’t discuss it.”

Meredith and Seth wed in 1996 and portion three adult youngsters: Reid, Chloe and Brooks.

“Over time, it correct broke down,” she outlined on RHOSLC of their marriage. “We moved incessantly. We more or less had been uprooted — I became as soon as trying to starting up my firm, he became as soon as working his industry, we had the three younger of us. There became as soon as correct no communication and hostility constructed, and constructed and constructed, and we correct received so fully overwhelmed that we correct had been fully disconnected.”

All over an extra special interview with Us Weekly, Meredith admitted it became as soon as “extremely advanced” to discuss their marital concerns on the Bravo voice.

“It became as soon as an extraordinarily mountainous deal for me and it became as soon as now not easy. It became as soon as now not one thing I became as soon as aware of speaking about. It became as soon as now not one thing I in fact wanted to discuss,” she outlined. “But I had to and became as soon as forced to talk lots bigger than I even wanted to, by one of the crucial important ladies folks. And that to me is now not being a factual buddy, , to me being a factual buddy is respecting somebody’s house and their privacy after they need it.”

In the pause, though, Meredith doesn’t feel sorry about letting the cameras in.

“Before all the pieces, for sure, you’re very self-aware and you’re very aware that the cameras are there. Surprisingly, as I watched the first episode, in fact very diminutive of what we filmed in the first week or so aired,” she outlined. “It became as soon as clearly, savor, I became as soon as dejected but. But as time goes on, you correct stay your existence and , this is what you signed up for. So, what will get recorded, it will get recorded, and in my survey, I’m who I’m treasure it or abominate it. Whenever you occur to abominate it, preserve a pass. No insist. I mean, I even have confidence to stay my existence and I will’t be one thing.”

Before season 1 performed airing, Meredith printed that the twosome are giving things one other shot.

The Right Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET. Scroll by for all the pieces we find out about Meredith and Seth’s marriage:

Their Kids

Meredith and Seth’s son Brooks swiftly stole the voice at some stage in the premiere. In accordance with the Salt Lake Metropolis Housewife, followers will proceed to head attempting Brooks and Chloe on the voice, nonetheless her eldest son, Reid, became as soon as working “loopy hours” in Recent York Metropolis at some stage in producing.


“My younger of us had been surprisingly very supportive [of the separation]. I mean, by the time they knew one thing else, they had been all out of the house and so that they had been very powerful savor, ‘ what, Mom, we desire you and pa to be chuffed, pause what you guys must full to be chuffed, no matter that manner for you,’” she recalled to Us. “And I became as soon as very relieved. I would possibly be edifying. It became as soon as a immense reduction and a immense burden off of me.”

Courtesy of Meredith Marks/Instagram

On and Off for Years

In accordance with Meredith, the twosome had been “separated on and off for years.”


She outlined, “We had been 100 p.c deepest about it. Our possess youngsters did now not know we had been separated residing in the identical house, elevating our younger of us, attempting our most efficient to retain a solid parental entrance for our younger of us.”


Meredith admitted that the twosome have confidence even “dated other of us every so incessantly” at some stage in their marriage.


“There’s been fairly a pair of stuff that is gone on and I had to let my younger of us find out about all of this sooner than I in fact became as soon as gratified, , opening as a lot as the other ladies folks or to the sphere for that matter,” she instructed Us.


Courtesy of Meredith Marks/Instagram

The Divorce Filing

In accordance with the Chicago Tribute, Seth filed for divorce from Meredith in August 2019. Four months later, he dropped his petition in December 2019. While Bravo has but to substantiate when RHOSLC started manufacturing, Meredith’s birthday find together became as soon as featured on the premiere and filmed that identical month, per social media evidence.


“I will voice you that that became as soon as pushed aside. I will voice you that powerful, so we’re clearly now not getting divorced. I don’t must give too powerful away because I desire you guys to head attempting and look and be invested to your complete process,” Meredith instructed the outlet.


Courtesy of Meredith Marks/Instagram

The Rumors

In the trailer for the season, Meredith faces rumors that she’s seeing somebody who isn’t Seth.


“That became as soon as one thing that became as soon as very upsetting for me,” she instructed Entertainment Tonight about the accusations. “To be throwing things accessible in the event you do now not know in the event that they are factual or unsuitable, you do now not know what’s occurring, you do now not know what’s rumor, is upsetting, very upsetting.”

Courtesy of Meredith Marks/Instagram

Attend On After Treatment

Meredith printed in December 2020 that the twosome are again together after going to counseling.

“We treasure every other. He is my most efficient buddy and he always would possibly be,” she instructed Other folks magazine. “We made up our minds to take a look at out and starting up over. We correct hit some blips in the road and wanted to regroup and reconnect.”

Meredith added that filming RHOSLC “saved” their marriage. “While we have had many other separations in the past and at cases dated other of us, last wintry climate at some stage in filming we weren’t dating other of us and we very focused to head attempting if we can even repair our relationship,” she mentioned. “The voice in fact forces you to be very introspective and in fact deem about the stuff you roar and how they impact other of us.”

Chad Kirkland/Bravo

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