Pls Fancy review – Liam Williams deftly spoofs the influencer industry

After skewering YouTubers, the humorous’s vivid mockumentary returns to retract purpose at the ecosystem around on-line celebrities

Pls Fancy (BBC Three) has an concern: how develop you spoof the unspoofable? The short and vivid mockumentary, written by and starring Liam Williams, spent two series teasing YouTubers and the love, but now, within the age of TikTok, you like to marvel how it could perhaps well build as much as safe comedy out of something with this kind of instant turnover. To employ 10 minutes on TikTok is to be bombarded with gags and jokes and memes and viral trends that either refuse to safe sense as some degree of theory, or handiest safe sense whenever you perceive the galaxy of stuff that went sooner than it.

Williams has made an supreme likelihood right here, by specializing within the influencer industry – with the emphasis on industry – as great as he does on the surreal, instant-fireplace humour of the influencers themselves, though he does possess so much of stress-free with that, too. After the important thing two series, “greying millennial” Williams (the Pls Fancy character, now not the accurate one) has determined to reinvent himself, transferring a long way from documenting vlogging culture into the extra tense topic of political films, with the ultimate purpose of constructing a characteristic film called Squad Coals. On the opposite hand, there may be now not rather the target market he anticipated for his indubitably visceral work on John Prescott, so he attempts to determine how he himself can change into an influencer and safe folks to take trace to his excessive art work.

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