Is web advertising and marketing about to smash, obedient admire the property market did in 2008? | John Naughton

Our tendency to judge social media platforms’ claims of effectiveness is blinding us to what they are in point of reality delivering

Here’s a stressful conception for these of us who’re critics of the tech commerce: are we unduly credulous referring to the capabilities of the know-how as extolled by the companies and their paid evangelists? Did artful exploitation of social media in point of fact result within the election of Trump and the Brexit vote in 2016, shall we yell?

At one stage, the acknowledge to that has to be “no”. Social media clearly performed some position in these political earthquakes, but anyone who attributes seismic shocks on that scale obedient to tech companies hasn’t been listening to what’s been going down to democratic countries for the reason that 1970s. Nor beget they been reading the political science literature. Nonetheless, the drumbeat of angst about what networked know-how and surveillance capitalism are doing to society continues to reverberate.

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