The ‘soulless company’ gaze – yes, it’s Amazon on the excessive boulevard | Barbara Ellen

Until-free consolation is all totally till the invoice at final arrives at house

I could merely be a retail misanthrope, but are the till-free Amazon Fresh stores a depersonalised step too a long way? In the starting up sight, the classic theory (hump in, hump out, earn charged later) looks tailor-made for me.

I already don’t need unheard of hunting “face time”. I was by no formulation one for going 1950s-walkabout with a wicker basket collecting items from different artisan stores, served by smiling central-casting shopkeepers, straight out of a Contented Families card deck. Every to their very hold: if other folks earn their kicks cosplaying Camberwick Inexperienced, then comely luck to them. Though you are going to need gotten to marvel if this nostalgia is their very hold or, somewhat, a borrowed memory from fogeys or grandparents.

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