Texts, tweets and posts like changed letters. Is our historic previous changing into transitory?

On this outstanding yr, our tales are liable to being locked away on telephones and floating, forgotten, in the digital ether

In the course of of taking away the closing vestiges of my things from my of us’ home this yr I procure a letter from my nana – Big Nana (because she changed into as soon as big), not Tiny Nana (who wasn’t) – written in her acquainted curly script.

“Final Sunday I went to D’s 80th birthday luncheon – an engaging sequence of former has-beens! One former lady acknowledged how unpleasant she regarded this hide day standing in front of the lavatory mirror (bare). The majority of us joined in with tales of dismay – including one of the indispensable crucial boys! Horrifying what about a sherrys [sic] can enact.”

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