Taking on the tech giants: the lawyer combating the flexibility of algorithmic systems

Whether it’s the CIA or Fb, lawyer and activist Cori Crider is no longer one to distressed a ways flung from a fight

In July 2019, Cori Crider, a lawyer, investigator and activist, used to be provided to a ragged Fb employee whose work monitoring graphic utter material on the world’s biggest social media platform had left deep psychological scars. As the moderator described the fallout of spending daily watching gruesome pictures, Crider used to be first struck by the depth of their anguish, after which by a creeping sense of recognition.

After a 15-twelve months profession defending detainees of Guantanamo Bay, Crider had learned the hallmarks of put up-anxious stress disorder. Nevertheless no longer like Crider’s old customers, the moderator had no longer been tortured, extradited or detained. They had merely watched videos to settle if they were appropriate for public consumption.

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