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You can earn points at Dynamite Apps for simply being an active member. That’s right! Dynamite Apps gives cash and product awards away to point collectors for free! Tweet posts, share the games you’ve played, and more to rack up your numbers. Are you a game Youtuber? Send to us and post a video to your channel playing a DA developer’s game and earn a 100pt jump. You’ll also be featured on our Game Haven page for the world to see! Have enough points for a blow out?! Check the DA points store every month for surprise earnings! To top it off, you can up your rank and show off your DA points earned badges proving yourself to be an alpha gamer!

Get Your Game On! Make it Personal!

Become a Dynamite Apps member and set up your personal profile! Show the world your passion for gaming. Add your profile picture and get going! Check out games featured by developers offering all sorts of genres and methods of game-play! Favorite the games you love, share, and write reviews to spread the word. Falling obsessed with a game? Join the developer’s fan base group and chalk up a discussion. At Dynamite Apps, the fun is endless! 


Contests, Become a Guru Gamer!

Are you a guru gamer? Want to become one? Initiated by the developers, Dynamite Apps hosts a myriad of contests for gamers to test their skills and reach high scores. Developers will post the quota you have to meet and you will play, play, play to trump your competitors for the grand prize win! As if gaming itself wasn’t super fun already. Become a guru contest gamer to earn your specially unique badges! 

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