Patriotism, tax and the Dyson lobbying affair | Letters

Readers on the row over text messages between James Dyson and Boris Johnson about a tax waiver for folks coming to Britain to work on ventilators

Gaby Hinsliff jokes about patriotism transferring “in mysterious programs”, with the “enormous British patriot” James Dyson taking his “natty in one other country” (Heaps of different folks pitched in for the length of Covid, however totally Dyson got a tax waiver for it, 22 April), however there is nothing remotely humorous regarding the simplest plot patriotism is being distorted in No 10. Making arrangements for folks to lead clear of paying taxes suggests that Boris Johnson’s model of patriotism is measured by the volume of union jacks on hide, quite than equity and justice for all people, agencies and regions of the country.

What patriotism is demonstrated by governments which, as Rafael Behr wrote about a months ago, power the oldsters to pay the penalty for their “neglect of public smartly being infrastructure” (Covid is teaching the Tories frequent social democracy – however they received’t learn, 26 January), or raze billions of kilos of taxpayers’ cash on contracts for companies well-liked for their tax avoidance schemes?

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