On Fb Market I discovered pre-loved tiny one items and a community that touched my coronary heart | Maggie Kelly

Maggie Kelly went looking out out secondhand garments and a crib and found the mummy tribe

It changed into as soon as that particular label of 2020 pessimism and a healthy dose of first-mum nerves that grew to change into me within the being pregnant Grinch. All the pieces changed into as soon as recent, overwhelming, and pricey. List upon list grew with every 3am creep from the blue. Cribs, bassinets, prams, nursing chairs, eco-nappies, cotton nappies, bamboo nappies. I changed into as soon as trapped in a cutesy-wootsy duckling-print plastic hell.

“We’re going to execute the planet with every dollar we utilize,” I grumbled to my companion as I waddled the aisles of Child Bunting. Shopping second hand gave the influence fancy the upper choice – I could perchance perchance well place the planet while avoiding anything printed with tiny one animals.

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