‘O.C’ Love! Rachel Bilson’s Candid Quotes About Working With Ex Adam Brody

Summer season and Seth incessantly! Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody couldn’t were endgame, splitting in 2006, nevertheless their characters on The O.C. aloof comprise followers cheering.

The duo played Summer season Roberts and Seth Cohen, respectively, on the Fox drama for four seasons from 2003 to 2007. The characters had been high school sweethearts who obtained married old to the point to went off the air.

Off screen, Bilson and Brody dated for three years old to calling it quits old to the point to’s final season. The Hart of Dixie alum then dated Hayden Christensen on and off for 10 years old to setting apart for just in 2017. The exes share daughter Briar Rose.

The Jennifer’s Physique actor, on the alternative hand, married Leighton Meester in 2014. The pair share two teenagers, daughter Arlo, and a son, whom they welcomed in 2020.

Though it’s been more than a decade since their staunch-life romance fizzled out, Bilson and Brody comprise teased their friendship on many occasions. In July 2013, the Promising Young Woman actor printed whether his ex-girlfriend turn out to be a better kisser than Olivia Wilde, who played nasty woman Alex Kiley on the teen drama.

“I turn out to be dating Rachel on the time, so there had been less barriers,” Brody talked about on Behold What Occurs Stay on the time. “So, Rachel.”

The next twelve months, the Single Folks alum double down on Bilson’s kissing talents, calling her “one among the all-time greats” when it came to making out while doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit in August 2014.

5 years later, the musty flames reunited on the airport and documented the moment through Instagram. “Ran into my ol buddy from jfk to lax #californiaherewecome,” Bilson captioned the snap in August 2019, referencing the point to’s theme track.

Whereas their romance didn’t final within the actual world, the How I Met Your Mother alum had a true feeling her O.C. personality would aloof be married to Seth. “Yeah, sure. Why now now not? You mostly desire a pleased ending,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in December 2019, noting she “appreciated” doing the point to and would be delivery to a revival.

As for her relationship with Brody now, Bilson told Dax Shepard in March 2021 that they “aloof salvage alongside surely properly” irrespective of all the issues these years.

“I had so valuable, and aloof salvage, cherish and appreciate for Adam,” she talked about all the draw in which through an episode of Shepard’s “Armchair Knowledgeable” podcast. “We went through so valuable together, being so younger and all the issues with the point to. And I’m so pleased for him alongside with his family and his gorgeous wife and teenagers and all the issues.”

Scroll down to peek what Bilson has talked about about working with Brody over time:

Announcing Sorry

The California native apologized to followers in March 2020 after studying some viewers are aloof upset that she split from Brody in 2006. After a creator for InStyle shared a legend about their private heartbreak over the Bilson and Brody breakup, the Engage Two actress spoke back encourage through Instagram. “IM SORRY!!!” she commented on the magazine’s post. “He fared surely properly!!”


Wedded TV Bliss?

Bilson printed how exhausting it turn out to be to film Summer season and Seth’s marriage ceremony after she and Brody split in staunch life, joking on a March 2021 episode of the “Armchair Knowledgeable” podcast that the writers trolled the duo. “We broke up on the very discontinue so there wasn’t valuable [for us to film] after the breakup. We did salvage married after we broke up. … That’s continuously enjoyable,” she talked about. “They completely did that on reason. That turn out to be the acceptable scene left to shoot, turn out to be the marriage ceremony. They’re cherish, ‘You broke up? Let’s come up with a marriage ceremony.’”


Celebration Folks

The Jumper actress told Shepard that having a boyfriend all the draw in which through her upward thrust to fame actually helped favor her grounded in Hollywood. “I private I roughly obtained loads out of my system early, rising up in L.A. I wasn’t on the golf equipment, falling out of the autos panty-less. It turn out to be a shrimp bit diversified for me,” she recalled in March 2021. “I turn out to be in a relationship all the draw in which throughout the point to, which I private helped favor me at dwelling, playing board video games and staring at surely big TV cherish Jeopardy! We did exit, nevertheless it turn out to be beautiful a ordinary element. There turn out to be stability and I did grow up roughly immediate, did your total stuff a shrimp bit early.”


Grateful for the Recollections

“Thanks to what the point to turn out to be and how younger all of us had been, going through it with any individual experiencing the identical element and having that roughly make stronger turn out to be surely salubrious,” Bilson told Nylon in April 2021 of dating her then-costar. “I’m actually grateful that I did comprise it.”

She persevered: “It turn out to be no doubt a ordinary skills and I salvage now now not think anybody else might perhaps well comprise surely understood it had they now now not been in it, so for that reason, it turn out to be expansive precious and supportive, and I actually comprise total gratitude to your total skills.”


Adam Made Seth Crush-Pleasurable

“[Brody] roughly started this total form of crushes [with Seth] — the roughly nerdy cool emo guy,” she told the magazine in April 2021. “I private that he’s completely crush-good and he roughly opened that door for now now not the long-established crush cherish Ryan [Atwood (Ben McKenzie)]. He’s comic. A sense of humor goes a favorable distance.”


Spider-Man Smooch

Bilson recalled what it turn out to be cherish filming the upside kissing scene from the season 2 episode “The Wet Day Woman,” in which Brody wore a Spider-Man conceal as a nod to the 2002 superhero film and great lip lock. “We had been on a soundstage, and it be pouring rain interior, and Adam’s the mistaken draw up, water’s going up his nostril, he can’t breathe,” she told InStyle in April 2021. “It turn out to be, cherish, basically the most unromantic setup ever. Searching to kiss any individual the mistaken draw up, and your lips are challenging opposite … it be beautiful so awkward.”

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