‘Non-fungible tokens’: the etymology within the succor of this new digital swag

Sadly, it has nothing to carry out with fungus

When is an album no longer an album? Why, when it’s a “non-fungible token”, a new originate of digital swag, related to cryptocurrency, being sold by artists and musicians equivalent to Kings of Leon and Grimes. They’re called NFTs for rapid, but why?

Presumably disappointingly, “fungible” would not point out “in a position to being grew to turn out to be into fungi”. Reasonably, the Latin verb fungi formulation to discharge some field of job or effect some assignment, and so fungibilis formulation “worthwhile”, and English “fungible” namely describes worthwhile things which would be interchangeable. If I narrate 5 spoons of a obvious invent, it doesn’t topic precisely which 5 of these spoons you send me.

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