At Dynamite Apps, we’ve created a dynamic points system for both developers and gamers to earn cash awards for being interactive on our site. Members can earn these points by: watching your game play videos, sharing your games on social media, writing reviews and much more! It’s simple. How incredible would it be to have thousands of people marketing your games for you everyday?! By earning enough points, developers and gamers can check out cash awards from our Shop! So get in the game!

Reach the Masses



Your profile will showcase the following features: Your Bio, Personal Blog, Groups, Profile Photo, Notifications, Activity, Download Links, and Referral Link.

Cash Awards


Use the points you have earned from being an active developer on our website to purchase cash prizes in our store! The awards will go like lightening, so check back hourly to beat all those eager gamers to?it.


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Picture this, game Youtubers advertising your game to their hundreds, even thousands of subscribers! We award Youtubers for posting your apps game-play to their channels and feature their videos on our Game Havens page. It doesn?t get any better than this!

Podcast (Video Game-Play)

Submit your game to DynamiteApps and we will do a video game-play podcast on your game. We will post the podcast on our front page, on our YouTube channel and social media. You can also use the video to post anywhere you would like to. Podcast are a great way to increase user engagement!



We award developers for being active on Dynamite Apps. Simply earn points for being an active member and you can earn a free ad on the front page of our website.



How cool is this! Create your own group and keep your fan base updated with the latest and greatest information about your games. You can also post photos and videos for your fans to enjoy!



Want to get downloads? Host a contests on our website, and we will award our members for winning your contest! How it works: developers submit a contest. We post your contest on our contest page. Our members download and play your game to reach the required points/level. Developers notify us with the contest winner from their leader-boards. We then award the contest winner with a Grand Prize!



Really? Yes! Developers can submit YouTube videos of their work. YouTube videos of game play are highly recommended so the world can see how great your game is!


Our members will give score ratings and reviews on your games. All the ratings submitted on your game will be calculated into an overall rating for the entire community to see!


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Share any information that you want the world to know about your apps. You can post updates, pictures, links, YouTube videos of game play and anything else you would like the world to know about your game. We give our developers free range to post what they want as long as it fits within our guidelines. All posts will be manually approved by our staff to ensure the integrity of our site.


We’re taking the glory of gaming to a new level by luring your every day audience from around the world to Dynamite Apps. Our goal is to reel them in with an enticing incentive; earning cash awards simply by interacting with your games! Let’s face it, all those true gamers you want to attract are hard core players and it’s difficult to lure their attention to something new. So we’re bringing all those millions of under the radar game players to you for a new and exciting experience.  


So you can’t compete with games like Candy Crush, Game of War, Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go. Why? Because those monopoly game developers pay jaw-dropping amounts of money on social media, television, and radio advertising. At Dynamite Apps, we intend to get your work in front of thousands of gamers waiting for your new game. Why are they eagerly waiting? They want their fun and their cash awards. And so do you!  


Let’s be real. Your work becoming as successful as a game like Angry Birds is slim to none for an indie developer. But not impossible. If you want large scale exposure without tweeting fifty times per day, flooding Facebook, and begging big-time Youtubers to showcase your game, other marketing services are going to ask you to empty your pockets. At Dynamite Apps, our goal is not to break you, but make you! We’re giving back to the community using a “game-on” method that is sure to get our members pumped to power up on points with all their shares and reviews. 

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