Life in a Day 2020 review – ambitious, weird and wonderful and hugely exasperating

Kevin Macdonald’s film objectives to present a snapshot of the trendy world but its context-free clips inquire of more like an organization advert

Sensory overload and incoherence are sadly the dominant qualities of this idealistic crowdsourced YouTube video mission from director Kevin Macdonald and executive producer Ridley Scott, which is set the entirety and nothing.

It’s a long way a discover-up to Macdonald’s Life in a Day movie from 2011, in which legions of of us responded to a inquire of to send in handmade movies on what they were doing on a distinct day in 2010: a time-capsule snapshot mosaic from in each put the field. This time he and Scott do out a world demand people to epic the overall many sad, humorous, passionate or banal things they were doing on 25 July 2020; he obtained 324,000 movies from 192 countries.

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