Having a look Up

Pictures by Tine Poppe

This text became once published on-line on March 13, 2021.

Wrooster you are an ant, the stakes are repeatedly excessive. There are folks that can employ you—birds, snakes, bigger bugs—and folks that would possibly perhaps maybe trample you and your ambiance in a single sneakered step. These immense beings would possibly perhaps even not mean you any hurt, however it absolutely is impact, not plan, that matters most.

To envision how an ant would possibly perhaps maybe look its world, the Norwegian photographer Tine Poppe areas her digicam in the grime of a meadow, lens pointing up. Poppe can never look what the photo will look esteem; even while she’s mendacity in the grass, her eyes are clean too some distance from the earth. However she can give it some notion: inexperienced-stemmed plant life erupting toward the clouds, a weed whorling esteem a spiral staircase, blades of grass bending esteem the Gateway Arch. In most cases there are even unexpected guests that atomize out Poppe’s leer till she returns to Oslo and discovers, in the nook of the image, an orblike snail nestled in a leaf.

Photograph looking up from ground through field of wildflowers
Photograph looking up from ground through field of wildflowers
Photograph looking up from ground through field of wildflowers

Poppe took these photos for three summers, driving around Norway seeking start fields and not utilizing a bushes overhead to dam the gaze. In most cases, while she rooted around in the weeds to location her digicam, the meadow resisted—thorns scratched her arm and bugs bit her fingers. However it absolutely became once righteous, Poppe advised me. “It became once esteem entering into another universe,” she stated. “Individual that we’re sharing, most efficient we are able to’t look it.” If an ant sees a topic this method, so lofty and pinnacled, how would possibly perhaps maybe it eye a wooded field?

Poppe’s work elevates the itsy-bitsy, unseen worlds around us and the creatures that depend on them. Her photos interrogate us, on a planet we now possess degraded, to re-evaluate trampling the plant life.

This text appears to be like in the April 2021 print model with the headline “Having a look Up.”


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