Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Gamers

  1. Does the gamer membership cost a fee?

A: No. Our gamer membership is absolutely free!

  1. I’m a game Youtuber. Can I include my Youtube link in my profile?

A: Unfortunately, we do not permit Youtube links in gamer profiles as they are direct links to the promotion of other games on your channel. We do not want our developers troubled by outside competition accessed through Dynamite Apps. See “What is Game Haven?” in the General Questions section below for an opportunity to showcase your channel.

  1. Can I post to my blog?

A: No. Only developers have the opportunity to blog. The blog is where developers post their games to the “Games” page. The objective at Dynamite Apps is for gamers to interact with our developers and not become otherwise socially engaged with posting unrelated public content.

  1. Can I post social updates?

A: Yes! We encourage you to liven up your “Activity Feed” by telling other gamers what you’ve been up to at Dynamite Apps!

  1. Can I create a group?

A: No. To keep gamers strictly invested in the developers’ games, we only encourage gamers to join groups created by developers.


Frequently Asked Questions by Developers

  1. Does the developer membership cost a fee?

A: No, our developer membership is completely free!

  1. How do I post my game?

A: Post your game to “Submit Your Game” page located in the main menu and also in the top right sidebar on your profile.

  1. Is there a limit to how many times I can post my game?

A: You are permitted to have five advertised posts in the “Games” archive at a time. You can change those posts as many times a day as you wish.

  1. How long will it take my blog to pend before publication?

A: We ask that you allow us 24 hours to review your post. Please review our Terms of Service to understand what kind of content is and is not permissible on your post.

   10. As a developer, do I have the opportunity to earn points and gain awards from the “Awards Shop?”

A: Yes.

    11. How do I submit a contest? Who awards the gamer for winning my contest?

A: Submit your contest on the “Contest Page.” Allow 24 hours for pending review. Email us the winner of your leader board and we will award them a 1,000pt prize!


General Questions

    12. How do I earn points?

A: You can find out all about how to earn points on the “Earning Points” page. As we expand, Dynamite Apps will provide all sorts of fun and unique ways for you to power up!

    13. Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn a day?

A: Yes, we only permit you to perform a certain amount of actions a particular number of times. We want your interaction with the developers’ games to be dynamic and productive.

    14. What happens when an award in the “Awards Shop” goes out of stock?

A: The award in the store will renew between fourteen and thirty days at any time of the day. Have points but didn’t get to cash out? Check back throughout the day to beat those other passionate Game-Hearts to the award!

    15. Will the “Awards Shop” expand?

A: Yes! As Dynamite Apps grows, more awards will be available, and the larger the awards!

     16. How will I receive my cash award?

A: Your cash award will be payable through Pay Pal within a 24 hour period.

     17. What is Game Haven?

A: Game Haven is a forum where gamers can earn points by featuring their Youtube channel through us playing a game by one of the developers at Dynamite Apps! It is also where we feature extraordinary game art and upcoming festivities happening at Dynamite Apps.

    18. How do I submit to Game Haven?

A: Click your “Profile” icon located at the top right of the user interface. A side bar will appear. “Post to Game Haven” will be a menu option. In 24 hours we will review and post your work!

    19. Can I contact Dynamite Apps with any suggestions of improvement?

A: Yes. We encourage you to contact us about any inquiries or concerns to make your experience at Dynamite Apps simple and exciting

     20. What are your live support hours?

A: As passionate Game-Hearts ourselves, we work hard to be available at hours most convenient to you. However, our global presence makes this quite challenging. The best time to reach live support is during Pacific Standard Time from 9:00am-4pm and 9:00pm to 1:00am. Times are scheduled to change.