Earning Points

Earning points on Dynamite Apps is simple and fun! You can redeem your points earned for cash and product awards in our shop. Below is a list of all the activities you can do on Dynamite Apps to earn points.
*You can perform these tasks and receive points only a special number of times per day . Sign-up for your 100pt jump and you can reach the $15 award in just two weeks! 


Earn 100pts by simply joining as a DynamiteApps Member.

Social Media Shares

Earn 4pts for sharing posts of Developers Games on social media. 


Earn 1pt for using your referral link to bring more gamers to Dynamite Apps.

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Earn 1,000+pts for winning a contest.

Log Ins

Earn 1pt a day for logging into Dynamite Apps.

Viewing Games

Earn 1pt for viewing a developer’s game.


Earn 100pts for posting a DA developer’s game to your channel.

Watching Videos

Earn 5pts for every Developer’s video you watch.

Writing Reviews

Earn 7pts for rating a Developer’s game and writing a review.


Earn 1pt for commenting on posts and in groups.

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