‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Somebody Sleek Would possibly perchance perchance presumably Attain Between Casey and Brett

Warning: This post comprises spoilers from the Wednesday, January 6, episode of Chicago Fire.

Discuss a temporary romance. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) finally acquired collectively in some unspecified time in the future of the second episode of Chicago Fire season 9 — and were performed by the third. For the length of Wednesday’s episode, Brett suggested Casey that she wished some house after their steamy get out session and they also determined they’d strive to get their friendship help. So, is that for inch it between them?

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“We didn’t need them to proper kiss and the total lot be stunning, attributable to there is a history on the demonstrate that we chart pretty religiously. We don’t proper sweep our past under the rug and inform ‘those things didn’t topic,’” showrunner Derek Haas suggested Us Weekly completely. “These two are going to absorb to preserve out some speaking, which they elevate out in episode three, nonetheless that’s an ongoing route of. That’s no longer a one episode and we’re performed factor. Additionally, we’re Chicago Fire, so we’re gonna absorb some fresh characters enter their lives that will complicate things a ways more.”

While the author stayed tight-lipped on who those characters shall be, he teased that it’s seemingly that one is normally a fresh romantic hobby for Casey or Brett.

“It is also. I don’t absorb to get any individual’s hopes up, nonetheless yeah, there shall be,” he stated with fun. “I mean, there’s for inch some single of us tranquil in Chicago.”

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While planning for the Casey/Brett sage line, Haas become as soon as conscious that fans of Casey’s ex-companion, Gabby (Monica Raymund), could perchance be upset if they didn’t attain the truth that Gabby become as soon as also Brett’s finest buddy earlier than she left metropolis.

“We constantly knew it’d be powerful proper thanks to their past and the letter ‘G’ placing over their heads for Gabby. Our complete factor as writers is correct, we need it to be factual. And we need the characters to claim the things that I mediate those two characters with that history would inform in this remark,” the producer stated. “Let’s no longer forget that Gabby is no longer three years within the rearview replicate. It become as soon as final winter finale that she came help and Casey went to the charity ball with her. It’s tranquil modern in every person’s mind.”

Chicago Fire Boss Teases Someone New Could Come Between Casey and Brett Miranda Rae Mayo
Miranda Rae Mayo in Chicago Fire NBC

Haas also teased some turmoil ahead for Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) with him checking out that a lieutenant believes she’d get the promotion thanks to their relationship.

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“Severide is awfully proper at rescuing of us. He’s no longer so proper at speaking, and he’s never been that prepared to claim exactly what’s on his mind, which can furthermore be frustrating must you’re the girl in his life,” he suggested Us. “I elevate out mediate Severide’s intentions are solid, and he wishes the arena to acknowledge that Stella would execute this dream of hers to be a lieutenant on her beget. So, he wishes to step help and get out of her manner and let the remaining of the CFD know that this has nothing to preserve out with him. This has the total lot to preserve out with her skills. Nonetheless he also doesn’t need that doubt in her beget mind to know what the rumor mill is asserting. He’s attempting to be Severide-magnificent nonetheless he’s no longer basically the most magnificent particular person.”

Chicago Fire airs on NBC Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.


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