Calling Dibs! Stars Veil What They Took From Movie and TV Sets

Over time, many actors haven’t shied some distance flung from admitting to taking one thing from their respective movie and tv sets.

Select Ryan Reynolds, as an instance. Following a lengthy wait to nab his dream half as Deadpool, he made decided to secure a tangible memory — his paddle smartly with — after manufacturing on the 2016 movie wrapped.

“I loved carrying it and I certainly non-public inch away with one,” he suggested Marie Claire in 2015. “I’ll doubtlessly acquire into effort for saying that, nevertheless I’ve waited 10 years to enact this movie. So, I’m leaving with a f–king paddle smartly with.”

Three years later, Warner Bros. referred to as out the Canadian actor through Twitter in Also can 2018 as a result of he stole a ring his persona wore in 2011’s Green Lantern. “Sorry @VancityReynolds, we’re going to prefer the ring support,” the studio tweeted, to which Reynolds replied, “Well, if we’d outdated a NuvaRing™ within the first location, we wouldn’t be in this mess. #Deadpool2.”

Robert Downey Jr. has taken his wonderful half of objects from his movie sets as smartly, in conjunction with from Avengers: Age of Ultron. “There was a giant Avengers ‘A,’ which is outdoors the Avengers center,” he defined on Jimmy Kimmel Dwell! in April 2016. “I certainly non-public it. I said, ‘Why is it in England? Ship it support to L.A., I’ll assign it in my location of business.’”

Per fellow Avengers star Tom Holland, the pale actor also talented the authentic Iron Man veil to the U.K. native’s brother, Paddy Holland. “Paddy has that in my fogeys’ apartment. It’s wonderful frigid,” the Satan The total Time actor suggested Collider in June 2019.

Additionally, Gabrielle Union managed to swipe an unbelievable item from the placement of her 2000 teen comedy, Bring It On. “I certainly non-public my cheerleading uniform someplace. I appropriate stumbled on it a pair of strikes ago, nevertheless yeah I did now not match into it on the time I used to be attempting to position it on,” she suggested MTV News in August 2015. “Higher than that, it was certainly my recollections and the friendships — those continue to exist … And finally maybe I will acquire support into my Bring It On uniform.”

Four years later, the pale The United States’s Obtained Talent mediate wore the outfit for Halloween. She even got an identical version to ascertain her daughter, Kaavia. “Ice Ice Ice… It’s COLD asf,” she captioned a handsome video of the mom-daughter moment.

Scroll down to look which of your favourite celebrities non-public confessed to taking one thing from location!

Dakota Johnson

For the duration of a Twitter Q&A for Glamour UK in February 2015, the Execrable Times on the El Royale actress shared the pretty kinky objects she took from the 50 Shades of Grey location. “I stole a total lot the undies. They had been gay,” she admitted in a single tweet, while sharing in a single other, “I enact non-public a flogger in my apartment. It’s within the storage with mud.”

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Robert Downey Jr.

The Oscar nominee revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Dwell! in April 2016 that he took a giant Avengers ‘A’ from the placement of Avengers: Age of Ultron. “I certainly non-public it. I said, ‘Why is it in England? Ship it support to LA, I’ll assign it in my location of business,” he recalled.

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Chadwick Boseman

On Jimmy Kimmel Dwell! in April 2018, the unhurried actor had no field with exhibiting off the item he swiped while taking half in Gloomy Panther. “I certainly non-public the beads, the Kimoyo beads. I certainly non-public them on appropriate now,” he said.

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Will Ferrell

The Saturday Night Dwell alum has nabbed numerous props from his an excellent deal of movie sets over the years, in conjunction with a ring from Anchorman. After engaged on Step Brothers, he took a rather odd item from the manufacturing. “These are my prosthetic testicles from Step Brothers,” he shared on The Graham Norton Inform in Also can 2020. “They’re lifestyles-fancy and I certainly non-public brought these out, grand to the horror [of many]. At many a dinner social gathering, I [have] presented these. These spurious testicles are what was placed on Brennan’s drum equipment.”

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Leslie Mann

The This Is 40 actress suggested Newsweek in December 2018 that she’s going to “consistently comprise one thing” from the initiatives she has worked on. “I don’t select it. I let them know,” she defined. “I certainly non-public exiguous things, fancy, I wore this pearl necklace with an animal tooth on it that I got from George of the Jungle. I certainly non-public exiguous things from every movie.”

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Ryan Reynolds

As well to taking an item from the Green Lantern location, the Aviation Gin proprietor admitted to stealing Deadpool’s paddle smartly with after starring because the antihero. “I’ll doubtlessly acquire into effort for saying that, nevertheless I’ve waited 10 years to enact this movie so I am leaving with a f–king paddle smartly with,” he suggested Marie Claire in 2015.

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Daniel Radcliffe

After starring as Harry Potter for years, the British actor took dwelling the wizard’s illustrious glasses. “The ones from the first movie are fully tiny now, nevertheless they’re very candy,” he shared with the Day after day Mail in July 2011.

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Gabrielle Union

Attend in 2015, the Being Mary Jane actress suggested MTV News that she held onto her iconic East Compton Clovers cheerleader uniform. “I appropriate stumbled on it a pair of strikes ago, nevertheless yeah I did now not match into it on the time I used to be attempting to position it on,” she shared.


Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winner revealed in 2015 that she swiped Katniss Everdeen’s leather jacket from the Hunger Games location. “They’re appropriate putting in my closet,” she suggested E! News on the time. “I don’t know what I’m going to enact with them.”

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Tom Holland

The Spider-Man: A ways From Home actor suggested BBC Radio 1 in March 2020 that his apartment is “plagued by props from movies” as a result of he has taken one thing from every venture he has worked on, in conjunction with web-shooters from his fictional persona’s paddle smartly with.

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Josh Radnor

The actor and director revealed that he bought permission to secure an iconic staple from the How I Met Your Mother location. The article, in level of truth, is what his persona stole at some stage within the present’s 2005 pilot episode. “I had one search knowledge from and [the show’s cocreators] Carter [Bays] and Craig [Thomas] very expedient gave it to me,” Radnor suggested She Knows in March 2014. “I asked for the blue French horn and I got the blue French horn.”

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