An Ode to Naps

Tim Lahan

This article changed into published online on December 19, 2020.

With the nap, it will bound either near.

It is going to prevail, which is to announce it will compose its characteristic of refreshment and revival. Twenty minutes or so of gentle, untroubled sleep, just ought to you wish it. After lunch, maybe; nature gently makes the suggestion. So you compromise; you sink. But no longer too some distance. A dazzling shallowness. You commence your eyes. You’re conscious all over again—in a lisp of lamblike innocence, blinking limpidly and contentedly. The prickle of health is to your skin. Ah, it feels so honest. What a gigantic notion that changed into, to dangle a nap.

Or it will fail. You bound down, you collect swallowed. Sweating, fidgeting, moaning. After a late-prance, deep-sea combat, you flounder to wakefulness. You’re up, style of. But you’ve spent too lengthy within the shaggy contain of Morpheus; now his stagnant chemical substances are to your blood. You’ve old, visibly. Your face looks admire a sat-on bagel. Your closing five meals are burning dark smoke to your design. You blunder into the kitchen, craving sugar. The afternoon earlier than you is grey with torpor. Consciousness is a trial. Taking a nap changed into the worst notion on this planet.

And likewise you not in any appreciate know; that’s the thing. Sure biological variables could maybe well observe—your booze intake, how great of a snooze overdraft you happen to be working, your hormones, your glands, your in style neurological-emotional tone—but on the overall it’s a mystery. The honest nap alights upon you admire the grace of God: weightless, unmerited, spirit-altering. The dreadful nap, the sad nap, lies in wait admire Wile E. Coyote with an anvil.

Sleep consultants will lisp you that a too-heavy afternoon nap can interfere with what Bertie Wooster called “my in style 9 hours of the dreamless.” It jangles the biorhythms, they announce. But what form they know? After the year we just had, after no topic came about this morning, all sleep files are moot. The sleep study: Inaugurate up them over. We’re completely different animals now. In case you secure jam for oblivion to your day, a snooze pocket, jump into it, by God; steal the nap. Mix your self recklessly with insensibility.

You would nearly about danger on the shoals of the underworld, but I don’t recount you are going to. The underworld, despite all the pieces—bitter, harmful, roiled by vague forces—is gorgeous great the attach we’ve been residing.

Sleep is merciful. Possibilities are, you’ll collect up and you’ll return to your self, feeling admire the poet Edward Thomas listening to the silver horn of morning: “Up with the sunshine, / To the used wars; / Come up, come up!”

This article looks within the January/February 2021 print edition with the headline “Ode to Naps.”


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